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Individually printed candles – everything you wish can be printed on candles according to your individual specifications.
Directly ex factory at a very good price from single items up to large runs.

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Please take notice of graduated prices. For technical reasons single items are considerably more expensive than bigger batches.
Please ask for special prices for quantities exceeding the scaled prices shown in the shop.

CMYK printing process enables us to print your text- and graphic files on candles of different shapes and sizes. The print of every logo or photo can be realized.

Our candles are usually white. Anyway, you  also can order cream coloured candles as an extra item.

We also offer customised wedding candles, christening and Communion candles, memorial candles and anniversary candles in a classy and contemporary design. We only need a photo or the names which you want us to print on these candles.


10090-98 beispiele grafikkerzen 100mm

Please take notice of the guidelines on how to create image files for photo candles:

The automatic  upload function is not yet implicated in our new shop. Please send pictures by mail to
Please add the name and the date of your order. Otherwise problems may occur to match the right order to the right customer.

Alternatively, you can download for free our photocandle-image-optimizer. After the installation and start of the Optimizer a new window will open on the left side of your display. Open your image file and  drag over  your  image into the Optimizer. The data file will be scaled down automatically and saved in the same folder as the original photo with the supplement “Fotokerze_”. The Fotokerzen-Image-Optimizer has been developed especially for us, on the basis of TINYPIC. It is freeware. Thus feel free to use it generally to scale down your images whenever this is needed and to pass it down to others!


Please note the following principles for creating photos and graphic arts:

Image files:

For an average photo candle an image size of 50-100 KB is sufficient. When using the online shop upload option please only choose jpg files. A resolution of about 250 dpi would be adequate.
For experts: JPG compression 20, 250 DPI, image size around 80x80 mm will already result in the best print quality.

Attached on an email you can send us any image file format but best would be jpg and cdr (the latter please with incorporated fonts). Please do not send us any Microsoft Word files as the graphics are generally unusable.
In case you are not able to create the above mentioned image file formats, send us your image file in any format and we will do our best to transform it. If we have any problems doing that, we will get in touch with you.


Photos should be well exposed in accordance with the following photographical ground rules;
The light should come from the direction of the photo camera – the sun has to be behind the cameraman.
Flashlight (without any reflectors) generally does not give a good result for portraits. Daylight, but not necessarily blazing sunlight, is rather recommendable.
Against-the-light shots will be reasonable as well if you know how to handle the relevant photo camera settings.
Badly exposed photos will not look well on the candle.
Use the available space to show your object without exposing unimportant background!

If you want us to print a section of your photo, please explain it briefly in your email. We will be pleased to do it without charging any extra costs.
If you do not mention any specifications, we will always print your photo without any modifications.


If you send us a fully assembled data file please make sure the type size is adequate.
Bold letters improve the legibility. Small letters are best legible when printed in black or another dark colour on a bright background.
Use the available space to spread the layout of your text.

Graphic arts:

We can show everything that can be printed with the CMYK printing process on your customised candle, including logos with or without text. Our favourite programme for graphic arts is Coral Draw but there are obviously many other good programmes you could choose from!